Principles and Concepts

Masterplan Principles - Callaghan

Masterplan Principles (page 5) have been established that guide a concept for the renewal and future growth of the campus that supports the University's Vision and Strategic Priorities.

Campus Spine - Create legible and intuitive wayfinding, with direct entry into the heart of the campus
Connected Precincts - Link the precincts of the campus with a continuous corridor of activated buildings and public realm
Campus Heart - New focus for student life and learning, including spaces to support pedagogical innovation
Spatial Network - Establish a network and hierarchy of public spaces
Active residential - Create a new way of living that stimulates campus activity and engages with the bushland
Community Axis - Locate activities that facilitate community presence on a clear, direct axis into the campus and improves security
Interpretive walk - Create a meaningful experience of the bushland that aids appreciation and learning opportunities
Periphery parking - Rationalise vehicular routes and parking infrastructure to enable a pedestrian friendly campus.

Masterplan Principles - Central Coast

Activation of the Quadrangle - invigorate the quadrangle as a vibrant entrance to the campus and the focus for campus life including the construction of new second floors on each of the north, western and southern sides to provide additional floor space and match the bulk of the library
Strengthen Campus routes and gathering spaces - improve pedestrian paths and links to enable legible and safe wayfinding
New accessible mixed use precinct - new buildings or buildings for high density, residential, retail and community uses.

Key Concepts - Callaghan

Executive Summary with map 
Existing Campus Condition – Callaghan 

Pedestrian & Vehicular Infrastructure  Key Building Projects
 Entry Axis  Learning Centre
 Campus Spine  Hunter Building Refurbishment
 Elevated Pedestrian Walkway  Teaching Facilities
Plazas, squares and gathering spaces  New Chancellery & Chancellery Square
 Interpretive bushland walk  Community Centre
 Ring road and future roads  Residential Colleges
 Bikeways and alternative modes of transport  Enterprise zone
 Multi-deck car parking  Event Space

Key Concepts - Central Coast

Executive Summary with map  
Existing Campus Condition – Central Coast