Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport Management Plan


In 2012, the UoN completed a Strategic Transport Management Plan (STMP) for the Callaghan Campus. The development of the STMP commenced in 2011 and involved comprehensive consultation with internal and external key stakeholders.

The STMP addresses the UoN's transport needs over the next 10 years and will form an integral part of its Campuses, Capital and IT plans. It covers all transport modes - walking, cycling, public transport, cars and parking.

Objective of the STMP

  • guide the UoN's investment decisions in transport infrastructure and operations
  • deliver sustainable transport options for UoN
  • reduce traffic congestion within and approaching the Campus
  • improve the management of demand for carparking
  • provide a platform for communicating UoN's direction in transport management to key stakeholders


The STMP is based on achieving the following longer-term transport mode share targets:


Current transport mode split (based on 2009 travel survey)

Longer-term transport mode share target







Public Transport

7% (bus)

4% (rail)






Existing transport situation

Characteristics of the existing transport situation at the Campus:

  • constrained road access which operates poorly in morning peak periods
  • high car dependency
  • high demand for parking that exceeds current supply
  • overflow parking in surrounding suburbs
  • limited facilities and path networks for cyclists
  • lacking integration between public transport (rail and buses)
  • excessive travel time for public transport

STMP recommendations

Recommendations involve

  • capital works
  • operational programs
  • advocacy and educational programs

The recommendations are prioritised and will be implemented over the next 10 years:




Public Transport



Appoint Transport Coordinator

Construct continuous path from Warabrook  to Shortland

Construct cycle path from Warabrook to Shortland, from Wirra Crs to Hunter Hub

Upgrade design and Math bus stops

Upgrade Western Entry to increase capacity

Create additional 700 carparks

Implement Campus Active Transport Zone (ATZ) and promote cycling and walking

Update/develop Masterplan to include spine for walking and cycling

Install 3 bike hubs (Hunter, Shortland,  The Forum)

Investigate Transit Corridor to connect buses and trains

Install Traffic Signals at Wirra Crs

Review campus parking pricing

Promote carpooling

Audit pathways and lighting and progressively upgrade

Audit cycle facilities

Lobby Ncl Bus & Ferries to improve service frequency and route coverage,  to provide real time information & express buses

Investigate Ring road upgrade

Review parking in ATZ and relocate to sites outside Ring Road

Conduct traffic surveys and monitor STMP performance

Implement wayfinding signage

Investigate bike hire system

Lobby Ncl Bus & Ferries/ Transport for NSW to introduce bus priority measures ie bus lanes, signal priority, PTIPS

Implement priority parking for carpooling

The STMP comprises the following five parts:



On the Move

On the Move is the University of Newcastle's access point to a range of information on travel options to help you make smart choices about your everyday travel to and around the University. On the Move recognises that individual people's travel needs vary depending on needs such as budget, time constraints and interests in environmental sustainability.

As part of the University's commitment to environmental sustainability, On the Move promotes alternatives to single occupant car use such as walking, public transport, cycling and carpooling. For every litre of petrol used in a motor vehicle, 2.3kg of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, is released from the exhaust. The University also encourages staff and students to carpool where convenient. Carpooling offers another means of saving travel costs and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out more at the On the Move website (including car pooling, public transport and cycling information)