Contractor Inductions

The University of Newcastle has an induction process in place for all contractors and consultants
who perform work at the University. It is compulsory for all contractors and consultants to complete
the University Contractor Induction prior to performing any work. A visitor does not require an
induction if fully escorted by an appropriate officer and the activity is a once-only event of short

In order to perform work at the University the following applies:

  • No construction work will be performed by contractors unless the employee has a valid Construction Certificate ID (White Card)
  • The Contractor will complete the University Contractor Induction; this induction is valid for a 12 month period
  • Further inductions will need to be completed for activities where there is a potential for an elevated risk. To complete these Site Specific Inductions you will need to contact your University of Newcastle Project or Maintenance officer.

How to get Inducted

The induction can be accessed at the following link: 

The Username is: newcastle
The Password is: contractor

Once the induction is completed the induction certificate can be printed off. There is a section on
the bottom of the certificate to be cut out and laminated in a business card format. This section
must be kept on the contractor/consultant at all times when performing work on the grounds of the
University of Newcastle.

If the contractor/consultant does not have access to a printer or laminator, they can bring the
certificate into the Maintenance Office and they will prepare the induction card for them.

Contact Details

Facilities Management Maintenance Office
7.00 am to 2.30 pm Monday to Friday
Ph: (02) 4921 5812

Cleaning Contractor Inductions

Cleaning Contractors working in laboratory areas will need to complete additional specific inductions prior to commencing work at the University:

Please contact the University of Newcastle Cleaning Supervisors to book into either of the above specific cleaning inductions.

Callaghan Campus
David Atkins
Ph: (02) 4921 5490

Ourimbah Campus
Ivy Ellis
Ph: (02) 4348 4270