Annualised Salary Scheme

1.0     Overview

The Annualised Salary Scheme provides flexibility in remuneration for ‘seasonal’ or part-time’ staff members. ‘ Seasonal’ or ‘part-time’ staff are those whose pattern of work does not extend across the entire fifty-two (52) weeks of a calendar year, ie 1 January to 31 December.

During the periods of the calendar year that the staff member is not required to perform work, the staff member's employment contract will continue.  However, with the exception of periods of approved paid leave, the staff member will be deemed to be stood down without pay for such periods.  Such periods will not count as service for any purpose, but will not break the continuity of service.

Remuneration for the periods of work and accrued leave will be spread over a twelve (12) month or 52 week period on a pro rata basis.

2.0    Application

2.1    All staff members on a continuing or fixed term contract for one year or more  who are approved to work for less than fifty-two (52) weeks in any given calendar year are eligible to apply to their supervisor for agreement to annualise salary payments.  Rotating roster arrangements for periods of up to fifty-two (52) weeks may be considered for annualised salary purposes.  Staff participation in the scheme is optional and at the request of the staff member.  Approval by the University to participate in the scheme will depend on balancing operational requirements with increased flexibility options and choice for staff.

2.2    Applications for the scheme must be made in writing to the Head of School/Organisational Unit and must contain the following information:>

  • the dates and hours rostered to work over the annualised twelve month period;
  • the proposed dates of annual leave to be taken during the year (must be outside the ordinary hours rostered to work);
  • the proposed dates of any long service leave to be taken during the year.

2.3     Once approved, the application is forwarded to the relevant Human Resource Officer, Human Resource Services for calculation.

2.4    Once details of arrangement are settled the applicant must sign an ‘Annualised Salary Applicant Undertaking’ agreeing to the conditions of the annualised salary scheme.

Click here for an Application Form.

3.0   Conditions

3.1    Participation in the scheme is for a period of one year period and will commence on the first day of the period the staff member is rostered to work.

3.2    Annualisation is to be renegotiated annually (usually prior to the beginning of the year).

3.3    An application to participate in the scheme will be treated as an application to annualise salary payments, to be paid in twenty-six (26) equal instalments across the fifty-two (52) week period.

3.4    Any annual leave must be taken outside the ordinary or scheduled hours rostered to work.

3.5    Long service leave should be applied for in the usual way.  As annualised hours may need to be adjusted Human Resource Services will need to be advised of such leave.

3.6    All sick leave entitlements that accrue during the scheme will accrue and be paid on a proportional basis.

3.7    Staff on annualised hours are entitled to public holidays and University concession days that fall during periods they are rostered to work.

3.8    A staff member’s participation in the scheme will be recorded in writing, and a copy of this record will be maintained on the staff member’s personal file. The timing of the agreed non-work period is managed and recorded by the supervisor.

3.9    Any variations to the ordinary hours during the agreed annualised hours period will need to be approved by the supervisor/manager and Human Resource Services contacted immediately.  A reconciliation of the ordinary hours will be undertaken and appropriate changes in respect of pay, hours and leave applied.

3.10  A reconciliation of the ordinary hours worked and the payments paid to the staff member will be performed in the event that the employment ceases.  If the staff member has received a payment in respect of hours not worked, that payment will be repaid to the University. If the staff member has performed work for which she/he has not been paid the University will make payment at the date of termination.

4.0    Annual Leave

4.1   Pro rata annual leave constitutes part of the annualised salary calculation. Annual leave loading will continue to be paid on a pro rata basis during December each year.

4.2    Formula - to calculate the value of pro rata annual leave:

Number of weeks worked per annum x standard annual leave entitlement for 52 weeks per annum. Example:

Staff member works 41 weeks (41 weeks / 48 weeks) x 4 weeks = 3.4 weeks or 17 days (rounded to ½ day).

The value of the leave is added to the ordinary weeks of work and spread over 26 pays as an adjusted service fraction.

Example as per scenario above:

Full time (35 hours per week):  41 weeks plus 3.4 = 44.4 weeks over 52 = 85.385% service fraction.

Part time (17.5 hours per week): 41 weeks plus 3.4 = 44.4 weeks / 52 weeks = 85.385% times 17.5 / 35 hours = 42.692% adjusted service fraction.

4.3    Annual leave must be taken during the period for which agreement to participate in the scheme has been reached.  It is expected that the staff member and the supervisor will agree on the time of taking leave at the commencement of the twelve (12) month period. The staff member should submit Annual Leave Forms as outlined in Section 2.2 Application.

5.0   Public Holidays and University Concession Days

5.1    Staff are entitled to public holidays and University concession days that fall during periods they are rostered to work.

5.2    Where a staff member's agreed work period coincides with University concession days, the value of pro rata concession days will be included in the annualised salary calculation.

5.3    Formula - to calculate the value of pro rata Public and University Holidays (if applicable at 5.1 above):

Staff member works 41 weeks (41 weeks / 48 weeks) x 3 holiday days  = 2.5 holiday days entitlement (rounded to 1/2 day).

6.0    Calculation of Annualised Salary

6.1    Formula - to calculate annualised salary:

Number of weeks worked per annum (plus pro rata annual leave) and divided by 52 weeks per annum. Example:

Staff member works 41 weeks @ 35 hours per week

41 + 17 days (3.4 weeks) annual leave  = 44.4 weeks = 85.1% of a full time salary.

7.0    Superannuation

7.1    During the period a staff member participates in the scheme, their superannuation contribution will be based on their actual salary for that year.

8.0    Workers' Compensation

8.1    Normal workers compensation rules, regulations, policy and procedure will apply.

9.0   Overtime and Penalty Payments

9.1   Payments for overtime and shift / other penalties will be paid at the standard (non-annualised) rate for the appropriate time worked.