Professional Staff Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

In some areas of the University it has become a practice to utilise TOIL in lieu of the payment of overtime. TOIL may be accrued on a quarterly basis and needs to be taken at a mutually agreed time but within three months of the time that the overtime was worked. The maximum amount of TOIL that can be accrued by a staff member is no greater than their normal weekly hours of work. If outstanding TOIL is not taken within the three month period the staff member may be directed to take the TOIL, or the staff member is paid the outstanding TOIL at the applicable overtime rate. TOIL should be taken reasonably close to the time of accrual and definitely within three months.

Time off in Lieu of Overtime (TOIL) must be taken in accordance with clause 40.0 of the General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2010.