Professional staff Flextime and approved rosters

Flexible working arrangements can be achieved through discussion between managers and members of staff. In all cases these arrangements need to be agreed. The University is committed to working arrangements that achieve the best possible match between the interests of the University and those of the individuals within the area.

Currently flexible working arrangements apply in many areas of the University. Generally, these arrangements exist as either:

  1. Flextime - Allows flexibility in working times, subject to the requirements of the unit. The maximum carryover from one four week period to another is twenty-one (21) hours credit or seven (7) hours debit); or as
  2. an Approved Roster, such as a 19-day per four week period - staff work extra hours in order to take a roster day. These rosters provide predictability for all parties whereas Flextime does not.

Please note the following very important points about approved rosters:

  1. Human Resource Services must be informed, otherwise leave applications may not be accurately processed.
  2. Staff on approved rosters cannot also accrue flextime.

Flextime and Approved Roster arrangements must be in accordance with clause 53.0 of the General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2010.