Frequently Asked Questions- Academic Annual Leave

Why do I have to book my annual leave in HRonline?

As a large organisation, it is important that we maintain accurate records of when staff are travelling, working off-site or are on leave.  Professional staff and Teachers have been recording their annual leave in HRonline for several years.  Following an internal audit recommendation, the Executive Committee decided that academic staff should also book their annual leave through HRonline.

When do I have to start booking annual leave in HRonline?

From 1 February 2013 all annual leave is to be booked in HRonline. 

How much annual leave do I accrue each year?

20 days per year for full-time staff (pro-rata for part-time or part-year service).  Leave accrues daily from 1 January each year.

How do I book annual leave in HRonline?

Once logged into HRonline:

Can I take this year’s annual leave in January next year?

Yes.  As long as you book and take the leave before the 30 January.

I just got a warning message when I booked my leave. What does this mean?

Leave accrues daily from 1 January each year.  If you book your annual leave before you have accrued the leave you will get the following warning message:

Warning! The Leave Request was successful, however the following issue(s) were identified with the request:
Please review leave booking as CURRENT leave entitlement has been exceeded.

As long as you do not book more than 20 days per year (pro-rata for part-time or part-year service) then this leave message can be ignored. 

I have booked my leave in HRonline but the amount hasn't come off the balance.  Why?

Your leave balance will be adjusted when your supervisor approves the leave booking.   Once the approval goes through, your leave balance will reduce and you will see the leave booking in the 'Leave History' screen.

Why is my annual leave balance shown in hours and not days?

Annual leave is configured in hours for all academic staff, teachers and professional stff.   The system is configured on a seven (7) hour day for the majority of staff.  To calculate how many annual leave days you have available, simply divide the number of annual leave hours by seven (7) ie. a full-time staff member would have 20 days annual leave (140 hours).

What if I need to take more than 4 weeks (20 days) annual leave in a year?

You only accrue 20 days annual leave per year (pro-rata for part-time staff or part-year service).  You cannot take more than 4 weeks annual leave per year (unless you have Academic Deferred Leave that has been approved by the PVC from a previous year).  If you need to take additional leave you will need to book leave without pay or long-service leave.

What if I forget to book my leave in HRonline?

If annual leave is not booked and taken by 30 January the following year, the leave will be deemed to have been taken.

What if I don’t have a chance to use all my annual leave one year?

In exceptional circumstances, a staff member who cannot use all their annual leave accrued in a particular year may apply for the leave to be deferred.  This requires PVC approval.  To apply for this deferral please complete an “Accrued Annual Leave- Unused Credit Request (Academic Staff)” application form.

How do I log into HRonline

The link to access HRonline is:

If you do not know your username and password then follow the steps at:

How do I book other leave types such as sick leave or carer’s leave?

This leave is booked in HRonline under the leave code ‘Personal Leave’.  You are entitled to 25 days personal leave each calendar year (pro-rata for part-time staff). 

What are the different types of Personal Leave?

  • Sick Leave - Illness, injury or incapacity
  • Caring for a family member/member of the household suffering from an illness, injury or incapacity
  • Compassionate needs
  • Bereavement
  • Unforeseen emergency
  • Moving residence
  • Attendance at significant cultural events of relevance to the staff member

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Please contact your HR Officer. HR Officers contact list: