First Aid Kits

University vehicles contain Trauma C kits.

Schools who undertake field trips should supply and maintain appropriate first aid kits.

First Aid Kit Contents

All University building first aid kits must be First Aid Kit Size B, and contain the following:

  • Eye Pads
  • Latex Gloves
  • Safety Pins - 12s
  • Rescue Blanket
  • First Aid Guide
  • CPR Guide
  • Scissors - Nurses
  • Splinter Forceps
  • Adhesive Plaster
  • Eye Wash (10ml)
  • Antiseptic Swabs
  • Wound Dressings
  • Plastic Bags - Assorted
  • Plastic Strips - 50s
  • Gauze Bandage - 5cm
  • Gauze Bandage - 10cm
  • Non Adhesive Dressing
  • Triangular Bandage

Ordering First Aid Supplies

Replacement First Aid supplies are ordered by University Visacard from St John Ambulance Australia (NSW), phone (02) 4952 8188, on the first Monday of each month. You will need to fax the Order Form (see links below) to St John's, fax number (02) 4956 2247.

Order Form - Callaghan Campus
Order Form - City Campus
Order Form - John Hunter Hospital Campus
Order Form - Ourimbah Campus
Order Form - Sydney Campus

The order will be delived via the internal mail system within the week. To help prevent confusion with orders, please ensure your mail delivery details are complete on your faxed Order Form.

A receipt or sales tax invoice should accompany your order and be retained for your records.

Other First Aid Supplies

  • Hard hat with white cross supplied by Health & Safety, ext. 17721, affixed. this is to be worn in an emergency/evacuation situation to identify you as a FAO.
  • Safety goggles to prevent blood/body fluid splash to eyes.
  • Disposable gloves for protection from blood/body fluid spills.
  • Cinbin waste disposal for disposal of sharps. Full Cinbins should be disposed of in the same manner as biohazard bags.
  • Ice packs.
  • Paper towel for mopping up blood spills can be obtained from Cleaning, ext. 15490.