Online Incident Reporting (Electronic Lodgement)

The system is available for use with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: If you are prompted for a username/password combination please see the section below titled "Frequently  Asked Questions" for instructions on what is required here to successfully enter the system. If you still experience problems please contact the System Administrator via email or phone extension 17721 for assistance.

I have an error stating "you are not authorised……" when attempting to activate the email link to the incident form.

If you receive this message, something similar or prompted for a User ID / Password combination do the following:

  1. replace the content in UserID to UNCLE\your numberplate
  2. in the password field enter your corresponding password

If you are still having problems please contact 17000 to resolve.

When I printed/viewed a copy of the incident report form the Injured/Ill Person's details have not printed on the form. Why?

This system bug has now been resolved in the production environment. The problem was triggered when locating the Injured/Ill person's details by directly entering the employee or student number in the number field.


For any system related problems such as error messages, network problems, etc., please contact 17000.  When reporting problems to 17000 please ensure that you provide all details relating to the incident you were trying to report as well as a screen dump of any system errors displayed so IT can investigate and resolve.

If you are unsure about how to use the system or you require assistance with any aspect of entering or processing an incident, please contact Diane Bunch either via email or by calling extension 17721.