First Aid

Emergency Assistance

Callaghan Campus

If you require assistance contact the University Health Service, ext. 16004 and a nurse will come to your aid.

If an ambulance is required contact Security Services, ext 15888, and they will arrange and direct ambulances.

NOTE: All Security Officers are First Aid qualified.

Ourimbah Campus

If an ambulance is required please call for an ambulance in accordance with the Calling an Ambulance - Ourimbah.

Other Locations

In locations other than Callaghan or Ourimbah contact an ambulance on 0 000.

NOTE: When contacting assistance be sure to give your name, location, contact number and brief details of the emergency.

First Aid Rooms /  Sick Bays

If you need to use a First Aid Room or Sick Bay due to illness/injury, please notify your First Aid Officer or Supervisor.