The University of Newcastle is committed to providing an accessible, supportive and flexible environment for all staff and students, including those with family responsibilities.

The University recognises that:

  • Family responsibilities impact on all aspects of an individual's life and are not confined to the 'private' sphere
  • Family responsibilities affect both women and men
  • Families are diverse
  • Students and staff should have access to the same educational and employment conditions regardless of their family responsibilities
  • Leave and benefits should be reasonably provided to accommodate the roles of students and staff with respect to these family or carer responsibilities
  • The provision of on campus child care is a crucial element in allowing staff and students to meet their parenting responsibilities

Parenting Rooms

The University provides comfortable and private facilities for breastfeeding and/or expressing and storing breast milk, or changing baby in the following locations:

Chancellery: CH330
Hunter Building: HC09
McMullin Building: MC169
Richardson Wing: RW 1-31

All facilities have baby change table, nappy disposal unit, microwave, fridge, sink and comfortable chair.