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Viticulturalists plan, supervise and coordinate the growing of selected grape varieties for the production of wine. 

Viticulturalists may perform the following tasks:

  • talk to winemakers
  • conduct various laboratory tests to monitor the progressive growth of grapes, to make sure of their quality and calculate the correct time for harvest
  • organise the crushing and pressing of grapes, the settling of juice and the fermentation of grape material
  • supervise, manage and train winery workers involved in the production and harvesting of grapes
  • manage the propagation and cultivation of the vineyard including soil management, irrigation, disease and weed control
  • direct and oversee general growing activities such as fertilising and pest and weed control
  • supervise the maintenance of the vineyard during the off-season
  • give guided tours, conduct tastings and advise visitors about various aspects of wine and grapes
  • keep records of techniques used and harvest outcomes for each season

Scientific knowledge is increasingly important in viticulture and some viticulturalists specialise in the research and development of grape varieties.