Top Level - Administrative

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Top level managers often act as part of a management team and are responsible for setting objectives for their organisation as well as formulating strategic plans on how these objectives can be achieved. They are the decision makers on issues that are important for the organisation as a whole; often determining budgets and spending as well as the financial direction of the organisation. Professionals at this level usually have extensive experience in either their specific industry or in management in general.

Employment opportunities usually result from:

  • Being employed from management roles in other organisations
  • Internal promotion after undergoing professional development such as an MBA program, which provides the opportunity to further develop skills and to update knowledge
  • As part of succession planning, which often includes both on the job training and formal learning in the form of postgraduate study
  • An individual developing and leading their own company. In this scenario, the top level manager usually has the specific expertise which enabled them to develop their particular business but uses an MBA or similar to build their business management knowledge

Different institutions offer different programs in management ranging from the highly industry specific to the more general principles of managing a business. For an individual to decide how best to rise to top level management, they must assess their motivations and interests - whether they wish to use their specific training and experience (e.g. in engineering or accounting) to manage within this field or whether their interest is in broadening the scope of their core management skills in order to attain a high level position in another type of organisation. Another consideration is the needs of the hiring organisation and the labour market within which it sits. Employment markets differ between countries in the level of qualifications and experience required for management roles, and this should always be researched when making study choices. Although not essential, a postgraduate diploma ie. CA/CPA/CFA gives graduates the edge in this highly competitive industry”

Following is a list of typical top level management job titles:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director
  • National Manager
  • Principle