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Stockbrokers invest money for individuals and organisations by buying and selling on the stock market. They provide advice on potentially profitable stocks as well as when their clients should sell. They have expert knowledge about market and economic trends as well as investment strategies and portfolios. In Australia, the financial services sector is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This body states that stock brokers need to gain specific accreditation in order to trade on behalf of clients. Stock brokers usually also require extensive experience in the financial services industry and are very well paid with the potential to earn significant bonuses. However, long hours are typical and stockbroking is a high pressure, high accountability and competitive profession. There is no set career path to this occupation, though qualifications in finance, business, economics or accounting are a good starting point and are often necessary for acceptance into graduate programs within the financial services sector. These types of programs provide an excellent entry-point and opportunity for progression.