Sports Nutritionist

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Nutritionists provide advice about food and nutrition and help formulate dietary plans considering the special requirements of their clients. Sports nutrition is a specialisation of this field in which professionals mainly provide advice for athletes who are training and competing in their chosen sport. Their advice and recommendations are based on a thorough knowledge of the nutritional factors that can affect general health, performance and recovery along with a scientific knowledge of the content and values of foods and drinks. Typically, sports nutritionists devise nutritional strategies and dietary plans that take into account the different stages of athletic exercise and competition (e.g. training, recovery etc).

It should be noted that while nutritionists and dieticians work in similar fields, the two titles are not interchangeable. To use the title "dietician" accreditation an "Accredited Practicing Dietician" with a national body is required. While there is a governing body that provides accreditation for nutritionists, practitioners are not obliged to seek this to use the title "nutritionist".