Social Scientist

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Social Scientists study human society and social relationships particularly in areas concerning ethnicity and gender, employment and leisure, recreation and tourism, population health, lifestyle and well-being. Social Scientists use quantitative and qualitative methods to research social data and often work as evaluators, policy analysts or advisory officers in government departments. Social Scientists can gain employment not only in central government departments, but also in local government, non-government organisations and related businesses, the private sector in market research, management, banking, insurance, and as consultants.

Tasks include designing and implementing surveys, analysing data, compiling and evaluating information, and presenting their results. Social scientists need to have communication, analytical, conceptual, computer, teamwork and organisational skills, display good judgement, creativity, and self-motivation. It is beneficial to gain experience through employable or volunteer work in a research based area. Some organisations will prefer graduates with post graduate qualifications; however, this is not essential for all positions.