Public Service

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Many government departments at every level (federal, state and local) employ graduates of arts degrees both in structured graduate programs and in general roles. These graduates are valued highly for their transferable skills such a written and verbal communication, analytical thinking and problem solving. Structured graduate programs are offered by departments including Australian Customs, The Attorney Generals Department, The Taxation Office and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Graduates accepted into these departments can expect to complete rotations between different areas helping them to develop a thorough understanding of the departments' functions. This is completed with a view to fulfill roles in areas such as management and project development

Those who gain entry outside of structured graduate programs may do so through positions in customer service, call centre, project and data entry. Careers within the sector can vary considerably, some of the more common roles filled by arts graduates include:

  • Policy developmentManagement
  • Public administration
  • Project work

Government websites often provide a good overview of the types of employment available and also provide information on specific application processes, the experiences of past graduates and the opportunities for further career development and training provided.