Public/Environmental Health Engineer

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Public/environmental health engineers work to identify, evaluate and rectify environmental problems that have a discernable impact on public health. They study threats to human health that are related to the environment and develop engineering solutions to alleviate environmental causes of disease. For example, public/environmental health engineers may work in industrial settings, inspecting machinery and safety equipment to determine compliance with health regulations, or they may investigate industrial accidents and injuries to correct unsafe working conditions and develop preventive measures. Additionally, they may be involved in managing environmental issues resulting from industrial activities (including deforestation, air, soil and water pollution, and disposal of hazardous materials) and their impact on public health and safety.

Public/environmental health engineers may also work in organisational settings, providing technical advice and guidance on how to manage health-related problems and assessing or revising safety regulations and codes.

Typical work activities of the public/environmental health engineer may include:

  • Reviewing safety programs.
  • Researching, designing, constructing, and installing safety equipment.
  • Testing air quality, noise, temperature, or radiation levels to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Applying engineering principles in planning and coordinating the implementation of safety programs.
  • Liaising with fire departments, medical professionals, or rescue teams to assess health and safety risks.