Program Development Officer

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Program Development Officers facilitate development initiatives and collective solutions within a population to address issues, needs and problems that arise within that population. Employment can be found in a wide variety of areas with emphasis on many different aspects of life, including local councils, not-for profit organisations, large businesses and other non-government companies.

Program Development Workers must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and enjoy working with and assisting others. They must also have a solid understanding and awareness of the group involved, be able to manage and resolve conflict, and work effectively within a specified time frame. A degree in Psychology, Social Work, Social Science or a related discipline is most often necessary, and depending on the industry in which you decide to find employment, and a business or events management type degree or combined degree may be useful. Relevant paid or unpaid work experience is often required and highly praised.

The role of a Program Development Worker often includes:

  • researching and assisting in the planning, development, maintenance and ongoing evaluation of facilities in relation to health, welfare, recreation, employment, facilities, development programs, policies and budgets
  • developing strategies to encourage participation and raise awareness of available services, programs, and support networks
  • collaborating with a variety of government and non-government bodies and altering and evaluating policies and programs