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Photogrammetry is a type of remote sensing in which geometric properties of an object are determined from photographic images. A Photogrammetrist measures, analyses and interprets photographic images to obtain information about a range of three dimensional objects. Photogrammetrist use this information to create maps and more increasingly in other fields such as architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, collision engineering and geology. as well as by archaeologists to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites and by meteorologists as a way to determine the actual wind speed of a tornado where objective weather data cannot be obtained.

A Photogrammetrist may perform the following tasks:

  • organise aerial photography at the initial stage of a project to make image maps;
  • plan and undertake photogrammetric projects for architectural and surveying professionals;
  • flight planning and image acquisition, including airborne camera operation;
  • operate stereoscopic viewing instruments and workstations to manipulate images in order to produce fully corrected perspective views;
  • Use specialist software to produce graphic and accessible images for the end user.

The role of a Photogrammetrist may overlap with that of a Geographical Information Systems Officer or Remote sensing scientist