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Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing, preparing and providing advice on the proper use of prescription drugs or over the counter medications. Pharmacists advise people, including health professionals, about medicines, and can specialise in the following areas:


• Community – Working in a community pharmacy, involved in dispensing prescriptions, providing advice on drug selection and usage to doctors and other health professionals, providing primary healthcare advice and support, and educating customers on health promotion, disease prevention and the proper use of medicines.

• Hospital – Within hospitals, operates as part of a healthcare team and is involved in monitoring medication usage, counselling patients, providing drug information and advice to health professionals and the community, conducting clinical trials and preparing products for patient use.

• Government – Involved with regulatory control of pharmaceutical and medical products, at state, territory or federal level.

• Industrial – Involved in research and the development, manufacture, testing, analysis and marketing of pharmaceutical and medical products.


Qualification requirements are a degree in pharmacy, or alternatively a degree in science with a biomedical/biophysical focus, combined with postgraduate study in pharmacy. In order to then practice within Australia, Pharmacists must obtain registration with relevant boards at the national and state level.