Pavement Engineer

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Pavements engineering is a branch of civil engineering dealing with flexible (asphalt) and rigid (concrete) pavements for use in roads, highways, airports, sidewalks, streets, and other structures requiring the delivery of goods and services to markets and consumers.

Pavement engineers draw upon extensive knowledge of soils, rock mechanics, and material properties in the design, construction, maintenance and/or rehabilitation of pavements. They may be involved in planning pavement locations, and in selecting appropriate materials for pavement construction by testing for things like bearing capacity, flexibility, density, and ground (soil/rock) conditions. They may also conduct investigations of existing pavements to determine where maintenance is required, and guide the performance of repairs on deteriorated pavements to prevent risks to vehicles and pedestrians.

Pavement engineers are often employed in the public sector by local and state government authorities (for example, the Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW), while others find work in private consultancy. These positions typically require an undergraduate degree in civil (structural, transportation) engineering, although additional experience in the field or relevant postgraduate qualifications may be highly advantageous, particularly for those seeking senior-level positions.