Outdoor Education Teacher

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Outdoor Education Teachers are responsible for the planning, implementation and management of outdoor education experiences. Outdoor education experiences may be designed to achieve a broad range of aims – team building, trust and interpersonal skills; building personal confidence; developing creativity and problem solving skills; building physical fitness and specific motor skills; building scientific fieldwork skills; and nature appreciation. Outdoor educators may work with school aged children in school or camp settings or adults in corporate training or adventure camp/tour contexts.


Formal qualifications and experience are required for these roles and is dependent upon the nature of the setting and type of outdoor activities undertaken. Primary or secondary teacher qualifications together with safety qualifications and training in activities such as abseiling, orienteering, watercraft would be useful when working with school aged children. Adult education or psychology may be useful when working with adults. Recognised safety and first aid training is a pre-requisite.


Physical fitness, a love of the outdoors, strengths in communication and motivating others, strong leadership and problem solving skills are some of the personal qualities required for this type of work. Ability to maintain various types of equipment and other practical skills may be required.