Nuclear Engineer

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Nuclear engineers often work as part of a project team, which combine the skills of scientists, engineers and technicians to solve complex problems. Nuclear engineers research and develop the processes, instruments, and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Projects in this field may involve the design and construction of nuclear reactors and power plants, developments and production of weapons or the evaluation of environmental and ecological research. Some specialise in the development of nuclear power sources for naval vessels or spacecraft; others assist in finding industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials, as in equipment used to diagnose and treat medical problems.

Nuclear Engineers can also direct and monitor the operations of nuclear power plants to ensure efficiency and conformity to safety standards, or work on the production, handling and use of nuclear fuel and the safe disposal of waste produced by the generation of nuclear energy.

There are limited positions in nuclear research facilities in Australia, however, to work in a Nuclear Plant would require a commitment overseas, someone who is willing to travel to the US or Europe. In these countries, employment is usually divided between government positions, utilities companies and research with the defence and engineering companies, including the Navy, Nuclear Regulatory Commissions and various research facilities.