Minister/Religious Leader

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A minister/religious leader is authorised by a church or religious organisation to perform certain functions such as teaching of beliefs; interpreting sacred texts such as the Bible, Torah or Koran; leading services such as weddings, baptisms or funerals; or otherwise providing spiritual guidance to the members of their faith. Depending on the faith, religious leaders have different titles and cover various functions such as imam, missionary, monk, nun, pastor, priest, rabbi, religious brother/sister, religion teacher, religious counselor and religious youth leader.

Religious leaders provide personal support to people undergoing a crisis, conduct classes in religious instruction and organise participation in community projects and can specialise in these areas or missionary work. They also teach members of their congregation about their social and religious responsibilities within the contemporary society.  Religious leaders work six day weeks and are on call every day, need to possess maturity and empathy and have excellent communication, public speaking, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Employment is not restricted to the church. Religious leaders have the option of working in hospitals, the Armed Forces, prisons or schools. Qualifications vary across religions with some requiring formal tertiary education and others being experience based.