Industrial Relations Officer

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Industrial Relations Officers, also known as Employee Relations Officers, are involved in managing employment conditions and other employee related issues. Their aim is to encourage effective organisational practices and they are often involved in representing employers and employees in industrial negotiations. Industrial Relations Officers are employed in large private or public organisations, employer associations and unions, and the government. They need to have excellent communications, conflict resolution and negotiations skills and be willing to work within legislation guidelines.

The actual work performed by Industrial Relations Officers will vary in accordance with the organisation in which they are employed, but are usually related to human relations management. Some tasks, among many, that may be utilised include providing advocacy and mediation, assisting in the resolution and prevention of employee relations issues, minimising industrial disputes, and developing policies and practices to aid in maintaining a consistent strategic direction whilst adhering to good practice and legislative requirements.

Industrial Relations Officers are required to have formal qualifications focusing on industrial relations or human resource management. These topics usually have more focus directed toward their relevant issues during post graduate studies. The position is usually attained by promotion after working in human resources for a period of time.