Geoenvironmental Engineer

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Geoenvironmental engineers specialise in contaminated site rehabilitation, soil and groundwater remediation, landfill operation, habitat management, and environmental impact/risk assessment. They work within an inclusive discipline that recognises the contributions from traditional engineering, earth sciences, and life sciences in solving environmental challenges. These specialist engineers study how humans interact with the ground and water environments, particularly relating to infrastructure development, waste disposal, and natural resource processing.

Geoenvironmental engineers identify organic and inorganic sources of contamination, and devise strategies for clean-up, with the aim of preventing or evaluating contamination risks to human health and surrounding ecosystems. The demand for geoenvironmental engineers is increasing as awareness of the environmental impact caused by human activity grows. Positions in this field typically require an undergraduate degree in civil (geotechnical) or environmental engineering, and may require additional postgraduate qualifications in and/or relevant work experience.