Finance Manager

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Finance managers are responsible for overseeing financial accounting departments within large businesses, financial organisations, government departments and other non-government companies. Some of their financial duties include preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reporting, being responsible for capital expenditure, budgeting and forecasting. They are also responsible for managing accounting staff and both leading and being part of team projects as well as analysing and improving business units.

Finance managers need to be able to work well individually and as part of a team, be able to develop rapports with staff and key stakeholders, be ambitious and proactive, have excellent communication and computer skills, and cope with challenging experiences. Finance management positions usually require a degree in finance or economics, or a related discipline, with some companies recommending completion of a double degree. It is essential to gain CPA/CA accreditation in this field to gain employment; find out more information from the Financial Planning Association or Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) websites.