Environmental/Ecological Biologist

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Environmental or Ecological Biologists are interested in observing, measuring and recording the biology of the natural environment. They may use their skills and knowledge base in such area as:

  • Applied ecology and field biology, including classification, descriptive surveying and statistical analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis, assessment and strategy
  • Environmental geology and meteorology
  • Water resource analysis and management
  • Waste management strategies
  • Environmental policy and planning e.g. development of regeneration strategy

It is forecasted that job opportunities within this field will increase as the economic relevance of sustainability continues to receive more mainstream attention. This trend translates into an increased market for environmental biologists able to provide advice on environmental management and protection. Employers seeking this type of expertise include government departments and agencies, local governments and councils, environmental consulting agencies, the resources industries and other large organisations in the private sector concerned with complying with corporate environmental standards.