Editor (Film & TV)

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Film and television editors assemble and edit raw, unedited footage to create a complete film or video. Film editors are important in the story telling aspect of film or television productions, taking into account the mood, pace and climax of the intended story when editing. The tasks of a film and television editor may include:

  • Working with production personnel such as directors, to evaluate if scenes require re-filming and selecting optimal scenes for the finished production
  • Trimming film and copying video segments to specific lengths, then arranging and joining them in sequence
  • Importing, compiling and rendering digital video footage to enable the content to be presented with maximum effect
  • Editing and balancing music and effects
  • Editing and incorporating stock shots from film libraries into film or video.

Skills and experience with specific editing equipment and computer programs is important in gaining work in this field. Attention to detail and creative flair are important qualities in this role as is the ability to work collaboratively with others. Since this work can be very time consuming, patience would be another essential quality.