Communications Engineer

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A communications engineer can work in a range of positions. Some roles focus on managerial activities, whilst others place an emphasis on applying technical knowledge. These roles exist within several different sectors including internet and computing technologies, networking and telecommunications, and radio.

For those following the managerial route, the role involves planning and managing projects, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget and to the agreed standards of quality. Communications engineers following the technical expert route use specialist knowledge to design and deliver solutions, as well as provide technical guidance to others within their organisation.

Many roles are likely to include elements of both managerial and technical activities. Telecommunications engineers are involved in the following:

  • Design, provide and keep telecommunications equipment and systems up to date
  • Test equipment for faults, and repair faulty equipment
  • Build and test prototypes of new equipment
  • Make sure new equipment meets government regulations
  • Analyse customer needs
  • Attend conferences and seminars to network and to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector