Business Analyst/Consultant

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Business analysts help to evaluate problems and develop solutions to business and technical problems that may arise in various organisations to improve the use of information technology and better control outcomes. The scope of the role also encompasses strategic business research and analysis in developing business plans and market research in support of an organisation's initiatives and future direction.

Tasks of the business analyst will vary depending on the size of the organisation. However, some common tasks for a computer business analyst include:

  • Analysing and documenting business problems across business functions and recommending solutions
  • Ensuring that proposed system features and requirements meet user needs and satisfy business objectives and initiatives
  • Designing processes that support business initiatives
  • Developing procedures that maximise operational efficiencies while maintaining sound internal controls
  • Work with IT experts to address networking and hardware needs
  • Propose and document a general system design based on client requirements

A person who takes on this role will need to have creative thinking, good interpersonal, leadership, negotiation and communication skills. Additionally, business analysts will often need to have some level of IT and/or business systems knowledge. As such, undertaking study in a combination of disciplines may be an advantage. This could mean for example, studying human resources and psychology or combining an arts degree with business, commerce or IT.

Business analyst roles are often a precursor to consulting positions which involve more autonomy and can be obtained with experience. Positions are more readily available in cities; within human resources and IT departments, and in consulting agencies.