Art Therapist

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Art therapists use creative techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpting, in their psychotherapy and counselling work with clients. While art therapists may work with individual clients, they often work with groups in health settings or other specialist institutions, to assist clients who may be experiencing problems with personal insight or self expression. An art therapist’s work involves client assessment, therapy design, planning, evaluation and record keeping. Art therapists work with the full range of clients including children and adults, with emotional and physical impairments, in psychiatric settings, rehabilitation centres, prisons, refugee organisations, drug and alcohol units. Depending upon the setting, art therapists will often work closely with other professionals including doctors, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists.


Usually, postgraduate qualifications in Art Therapy are required to work in this field. Undergraduate studies in art, psychology or education are often required. People who work in this field are able to use their creative knowledge and skills in a therapeutic setting. A strong interest in art and people is necessary as is an inquiring mind and communication skills.