Aid Worker

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Aid work takes skilled individuals on an unconventional career path. It allows you to work in remote, often destitute communities all over the world on projects ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention to management education. Many aid agencies require the likes of engineers, agronomists, environmentalists, logisticians, linguists, and medical professionals, IT specialists, business and accounting professionals, and skilled managers. However, social science and Arts graduates are highly valued due to their well developed writing and research skills. Masters degrees are a requirement for a lot of aid related work and should be related to something you are passionate about, that could have practical application.

When applying for work as an Aid Worker you need to advertise your skills such as research and communication, know your motivations as to why you want to join the agency, have integrity and accountability, be adventurous, be able to adapt to different cultures and languages quickly. Being an aid worker requires the ability to adapt to highly challenging situations and withstand emotional strain. Due to the international employment pool aid agencies, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. However, making connection by becoming a volunteer with various agencies, being prepared to work your way up over a couple of years, building and networking contacts via attending conferences, learning a second language and gaining international experience, either through study, travel or volunteer programs, will help you to obtain your goal. Agencies such as the Peace Corps and Voluntary Services Overseas provide training, language classes, support and a post-assignment network of contacts for new employees.