Aboriginal Cultural Educational Officer

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Job Summary

Aboriginal Cultural Educational Officers provide opportunities for people to learn about unique lifestyle practices, history, culture and identity of Aboriginal people. Educational services include classroom discussions, however a vast amount of this type of work is conducted outdoors involving cultural tours where students, international visitors and community members can experience cultural activities.

A person who takes on this type of vocation will need good communication skills, a sense of humour, enjoy teaching others, have a good awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture, have an interest in preserving significant Indigenous and ecology sites and have patience dealing with people of differing abilities and from different cultures.

Entrance Requirements

Aboriginal Cultural Educational Officers typically have a degree in one of the following disciplines: Aboriginal Studies, Culture and Citizenship, Primary Teaching, Secondary Teaching.

Principal Employment Sectors and Industry

Aboriginal Cultural Educational Officers often work with Indigenous institutions, museums, galleries, police, local communities, and the broader community.

The market for this position at the moment, is relatively small, however, employment opportunities appear to be slowly increasing.

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