Student Feedback on Courses (SFC)

Your Courses Your Say

The SFC allows us to gain an understanding of what YOU think are the best aspects of a particular course, as well as identifying what YOU see as opportunities for improvement.

Higher levels of student satisfaction with teaching quality and their overall experience is an important outcome in NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013 -2015 . Courses taught off shore and in Trimesters will be surveyed every year. Semester based courses will be surveyed in alternate years. Click here to view the Faculty and School schedule for Semester based courses for 2013/2014.

As you can see in the chart below student satisfaction is increasing.

Students who wish to comment on any apects of their courses, outside of the offical SFC, may do so in confidence at Ask UoN

Completing the Student Feedback on Courses survey is one way to make sure future improvements to courses are made. So keep filling in your surveys and help UoN to improve the quality of its courses and your overall student experience.