Make a booking

To make a booking, send a 'new appointment' from your groupwise mail address to the address of the room required (see list below). When making a booking appointment please ensure that you include the following details:

  • Contact person and phone number
  • Number of people attending the meeting

If you require morning/afternoon tea etc for your meetings, refer to the catering information.

Non-Groupwise account holders will be able to email the rooms with booking details which will be actioned and confirmed.


If you need to cancel the room or make any changes to this booking you will need to either cancel the appointment or resend with changes made and retract the original appointment.

Room Email addresses

The Chancellery meeting rooms, Purdue Room and Annexe, and the meeting rooms in the Student Services Building are available to be booked via Groupwise. All University staff members have read only proxy access to the following groupwise mailboxes: