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Fraud and Corruption

The University of Newcastle is committed to "upholding the highest standards of academic, personal and business integrity and to practising the values of honesty, trust, fairness, accounability and respect." (Ethical and Accountable Conduct - Public Interest Disclosure Policy).

The University therefore promotes an organisational culture that will not tolerate any act of maladministration, fraud or corrupt conduct.

The University of Newcastle is established under NSW legislation; it is regarded as a "public authority", and as such falls within the jurisdiction of the (NSW) Independent Commission Against Corruption Act (ICAC Act). Under the ICAC Act, the University must comply with statutory reporting obligations. In addition, allegations or complaints of corrupt conduct against the University of Newcastle may be investigated by the ICAC.

A program of Fraud and Corruption Prevention has been developed to support the University's commitment to integrity and honesty.

Fraud and Corruption Awareness Tools (staff only)

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