What you can do to prevent corruption

As staff, we each have a responsibility to create an environment that prevents corruption from taking place. To create an ethical culture, staff should:

  • Conduct your employment duties within the principles set out in the Code of Conduct
  • Be aware of and abide by policies and procedures
  • Review and, if necessary, improve existing procedures to minimise corruption
  • Ensure that appropriate segregation of duties exist within high risk functions
  • Ensure an appropriate level of supervision and training is provided

More specifically, staff should:

  • Ensure that appropriate University expenses are charged to University credit cards, including checking that expenses are appropriately documented
  • Properly dispose of surplus and/or obsolete equipment
  • Use University equipment, services and finances for University endorsed functions only
  • Keep your leave and timesheets up to date
  • Work to the roles and responsibilities as outlined in your Position Description
  • Keep information regarding University activities, business decisions and sensitive information, such as student and staff details, confidential 
  • Comply with the recruitment process, including checking referees
  • Keep passwords safe and secure. Do not share with others
  • Carefully review timesheets to ensure they are accurate and complete.