About the Risk and Assurance Services team

Risk arises in all aspects of the University's operations.  It offers both opportunities and threats, and must therefore be managed appropriately, both to maximise these opportunities and reduce the threats.  The University is committed to a strategic, consistent and structured enterprise wide approach to risk management to achieve a balance between realising opportunities for gains and minimising losses.

The University's integrated approach to risk management process reflects AS/NZS IS031000:2009, and it will ensure:

  • Risk management becomes embedded within the University's processes and organisational culture
  • Risk management is dynamic and responsive as the organisation changes
  • The University adopts a clear consistent approach to identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and reviewing risk such that risks are not assessed in isolation and form part of an overall treatment strategy
  • The University's risk treatment plans become integrated with the management, planning and budgetary processes of the University
  • Risk management is more proactive and dynamic and less reliant on third party reviews and audits to identify risks
  • Adequate resources and improved systems are implemented to ensure the timely implementation of the Integrated Risk Management framework, including consistent risk analysis and prioritisation as well as ongoing review and monitoring of risks at appropriate levels within the organisation.

The Risk and Assurance Services team is committed to:

  • Embedding and continually improving a Risk Management framework
  • Continuing the implementation of the risk management framework through training, workshops and providing assistance when required
  • Assisting University Managers to conduct a risk assessment where necessary
  • Managing the Insurances of the University (excluding Workers Compensation), which includes monitoring of claims and implementation of a claims reporting system
  • Managing the Internal Audit function of the University
  • Facilitating identification, analysis, management and reporting on the University's Compliance Obligations
  • Enhancement of the University's critical incidents management and Business Continuity capabilities
  • Developing and embedding a prevention of fraud and corruption program