Billing Students

Students are billed weekly. Bills are only issued for the current charges. Any overdue charges will be followed up via the debt collection process.

Third Party Contracts

Students who are attending Uni via a third party contract such as AUSAID will not be billed for services that are covered by that contract, however the student will receive a bill for anything outside that contract agreement.

Miscellaneous Charges - Students

Students are billed for charges which can include excursion costs, course materials and camp fees. Faculty staff enter these charges directly into Nustar and it is the faculty's responsibility to ensure that all information is correct.

Non-Student Debtors (General Debtors) - Invoices

Invoice Requests are entered directly into Finance One. For instructions on how to enter invoices in Finance One, please view the step by step guide in Finance One.

Under no circumstances should Departments issue letters requesting payment for goods and/or services direct to customers.

An invoice should not be completed for goods and/or services rendered between University Departments/Sections. A request to transfer funds between Departments/Sections should be made to the respective Financial Services Business Support Accountant.

Any enquiries can be directed to Treasury Operations (Ourimbah) by email.