Records Management

Welcome to the University of Newcastle Records Management Office! We're here to help staff fulfil their recordkeeping obligations by providing information and services related to record management. The records you keep:

  • Document the University's transactions
  • Ensure that the University meets legal, administrative and audit requirements
  • Assist in the effective operations of the University
  • Provide continuity and create the University's corporate memory

Under the State Records Act 1998 (NSW), records of the University are records of the State. As a staff member, this means that you must:

  • Create full and accurate records of the activities in which you take part
  • Take responsibility for the safe custody of records created or received in the transaction of University business
  • Only dispose of records with appropriate authority

We can provide you with further information about your responsibilities. We also offer assistance and training with all aspects of University record management.


Requesting Records

If you need to request a specific File or information from the Records Management Office, please email RMO at: If you do not know the TRIM Record Number please provide as much detail as possible regarding the subject matter such as, Title or brief description of the information you require, and if possible the year.

Please note you will only be granted access to information if you have a legitimate need to access the information and after approval from the owner of the information. If you have access to TRIM you may also place a request via TRIM. Please see the Contact Us page for further information.