Planning, Quality and Reporting (PQR) coordinate external program reviews at the University level.  PQR's role includes maintaining the External Program Review Schedule, liaising with Faculty Quality Assurance, Teaching and Learning (QATL) Officers  managing submissions to the External Review Team, and providing secretarial support for the Review Team visit.


The Call for Submissions is announced by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Division) with the assistance of PQR to all staff and students, and other relevant stakeholders of the program.  Submissions received are then sent to the External Review Team.

Non-confidential submissions are included in the program documentation compiled and distributed by the Faculty QATL Officers. Confidential submissions are distributed to the Review Team by PQR during the review visit and then collected at the conclusion of the review.

To view the Terms of Reference of a program under review and for information on making a submission, please see the Upcoming External Program Review Schedule page.

Links to addtional Program Managment resources are provided on the right hand side, and may also be found at the Program Convenor Toolkit page.