Staff Parking - Newcastle and City Precinct

Please note: No application form is required for payroll deductions or single upfront payment.

A staff parking permit allows a motor vehicle to park in areas designated as Staff Parking. It can not be used to park in Disabled, Reserved or Service bays. This permit should be clearly displayed on the inside lower left hand side of your vehicle's windscreen and is transferable between vehicles.

The University's Traffic and Parking Rules are enforceable throughout the whole year, including semester breaks 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Parking restrictions and speed limits are enforceable. All drivers must comply with the parking restrictions and speed limits on campus.

New staff will need to ensure that they are in the HR system. This system is used by parking administration to verify staff employment status prior to the issue of parking permits.

Please note that if you no longer require a parking permit by payroll deductions for 2014 you must and request that your 2014 payroll deductions are to be ceased.

Permits and Costs

Annual or Half Yearly Permit
Only valid in the year of issue.
The annual permit is valid from 1 January to 31 December.
Cost: $393.47

Half Yearly First Semester Permit
Valid from 1 January to 30 June
Cost: $196.74

Half Yearly Second Semester Permit
Permit goes on sale in mid June and is valid until 31st December
Cost: $196.74

Collect Parking Permits

Permits may be collected between 8:30am and 4:30pm at Facilities Management, Services Building.  Please take photo ID when collecting your parking permit.  If you would like another Staff member to collect your permit on your behalf please provide them with written authorisation to do so.

Definition of a Staff Member

A member of Staff means a member of staff of the University, whether academic or professional, whether tenured, fixed term, probationary or otherwise and who is an employee in either a full-time or part-time capacity. In the case of a part-time employee who is also a student, they must be working more than eight hours a week on a regular basis directly for the University.

Purchasing a Staff Parking Permit

To collect your permit, you will need to show photo ID and provide your staff number to parking administration to have your employment status validated.

Payment by Payroll Deduction

Payroll deductions are not available to contract or casual staff. To qualify for payment by payroll deduction, it is essential that the staff member be employed by the University as a full or part time permanent employee and be on the University's automatic payroll system before a permit can be issued. If you no longer require a staff parking permit and wish to stop payroll deductions, you will need to notify Parking Administration in Facilities Management and return any currently valid staff parking permit. Deductions will cease upon receipt of written notification and return of the permit.

Staff eligible for payroll deductions will pay $15.13 per fortnight, and are eligible to salary sacrifice.

Single Upfront Payment

A form is no longer required for this payment method.

If you are employed on a contract ending prior to November in the year of issue, a casual staff member or employed through a recruitment agency contracted to the University, then you will need to pay upfront for your parking permit. Payroll deductions and salary sacrifice are not available. To purchase a staff parking permit by upfront payment you will need to call into Facilities Management and show photo ID. EFTPOS facilities are available - we do not accept cash. If you choose to return your staff parking permit prior to the end of the permit period, you may be eligible for a pro rata refund.

Staff Validation

The Staff Validation permit is designed to allow staff to park in staff areas while providing the flexibility of using daily paid permits. A Staff Validation permit can be obtained by completing the online Staff Validation application form.

A staff validation permit will be issued free of charge after verification of staff member status. Depending on your staff member status, you may be issued with either a half yearly permit, which expires on 30 June, or a yearly permit, which expires on 31 December in the year that it was issued. If you have a half yearly permit and your staff member status changes and you need to park on campus in second semester you will need to renew your permit.

Staff validation permits are also available for collection at Facilities Management, Services Building between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  If you would like your validation permit sent out in the mail you will need to complete the validation parking permit form available on the University's internet site:  Please select the appropriate campus when applying for your staff validation.

Reserved Permit

This permit allows the parking of a motor vehicle in parking bays designated and sign posted "Reserved Permit Holders Only" the permit must be displayed at ALL times when parked in reserved bays. Eligibility conditions apply for drivers of salary package vehicles, Deans, Deputy Deans, and Heads of Department, Deputy Heads of School, Executive Directors and Directors. For further information on this type of permit, please contact Parking Administration.

Annual Permit
Only valid in the year of issue.
The annual permit is valid from 1 January to 31 December.
Cost: $900.59

Payroll deductions will pay $34.64 per fortnight, and are eligible to salary sacrifice.

Free Parking

Free parking is available in Carpark 15 which is located near the Ray Watt Oval and Carpark 16 which is located near the railway station both are on the Eastern side of the campus. You can view Carparks 15 & 16 on the campus map.