Parking Signs

RTA Mobility Parking Scheme Permits only

Disabled parking area sign

Permit should be displayed clearly on the left hand bottom side of the vehicles windscreen. The holder of this permit may also park in Staff or General parking areas with no charge.

For further information relating to the Mobility Parking Scheme please download the RTA's Mobility Parking Scheme Application (PDF).

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking area sign

Reserved permit allows the parking of a motor vehicle in areas in the holders designated bay and sign posted "Reserved Permit Holders Only". To be able to park in a reserved parking bay you need to clearly display a valid Reserved parking permit on the left hand bottom side of the vehicle's windscreen. The expiry date is displayed on the bottom of the permit. Eligibility criteria apply to the issue of this permit. Reserve permits are also valid to park in Open Reserve, Staff and General parking areas.

Staff Parking

Staff parking area sign

A staff parking permit allows the parking of a motor vehicle in areas designated and signposted Staff Parking. This permit is also valid for parking in General parking areas. The permit should be displayed clearly on the inside lower left hand side of your vehicle's windscreen and is transferable between vehicles. The expiry date is located on the bottom of the permit.

Staff Parking (staff validation)

Staff parking area sign

The Staff Validation permit is issued free and is designed to allow staff to park in staff areas while providing the flexibility of using daily paid permits.

This permit must be displayed on the left hand bottom side of the vehicle's windscreen and must be displayed in conjunction with a valid scratch and display permit or a valid ticket from a machine located in all car parks on campus.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking area sign General parking area sign

Visitors to the University of Newcastle may park in any General parking areas or parking bays signed Visitor Parking. Please be aware of any time limited stated on Visitor Sign.

Options for payment: Scratch and Display permit or Machine Vended Day Permit. Visit the Visitor Parking page for more information.

Student Parking

General parking area sign

Students can park their vehicles in General parking areas only as per the General parking sign.

Students may purchase a student annual or half year electrostatic permit (see below), or purchase either a Machine Vended Day permit or Scratch and Display permit.

Motorcycle Parking

Motor cycle parking area sign

Motorcycle parking on Callaghan, Ourimbah and Newcastle City Precinct campuses is free, and no permit is required. Motorcycles must be parked in a designated motorcycle parking bay only.

Motorcycles located in bays other than the designated areas may be subject to a fine.

Motor cycle parking area Motor cycle parked Motor cycles parked

Residential Parking Areas

Residential precinct parking area sign

Residents with vehicles must apply for a Resident Parking Permit at the College Reception in order to park or leave a motor vehicle in a designated residential parking area. This permit must be displayed clearly at all times to use the parking facilities in the Halls of Residence. Vehicles without a valid permit clearly displayed may incur an infringement.

Resident permits are not valid for Disabled, Staff, Reserved or general parking bays anywhere on campus.

Car Park 13, rear of The Forum

Car park 13 parking area sign

Signage in car park 13 as shown allows a vehicle to park all day, provided you clearly display either a valid paid University of Newcastle electrostatic permit, ticket from machine or scratch and display permit. However, a NUSport parking permit is limited to park for two hours.

Car Parks 9 and 12 (The Forum)

2 hour parking limit area sign

This sign is displayed in car parks 9 and 12 allowing a vehicle to park for a limit of two hours regardless of whether it is a University of Newcastle electrostatic permit, ticket from machine, scratch and display permit or NUSport electrostatic parking permit. Failure to display one of the above permits may result in an infringement. The Forum parking permit is only issued from the reception counter at The Forum.