Mobility Parking

If you have been granted an RTA Mobility permit, you are eligible for free parking in Disabled, Staff and General Car parking spaces. Your Mobility permit must be clearly displayed on the front left hand side of the vehicle's windscreen at all times. Please note that RTA Mobility Parking Scheme conditions apply.

Students who have the need for closer parking because of a temporary medical condition can apply for a University Disability access permit. This permit must be clearly displayed in conjunction with a paid parking permit and enables the student to park in staff parking areas.

Application can be made through Student Support - Disability, located in the Student Services Centre. The application must be supported by a current Doctor's certificate outlining the duration for which close proximity parking is required.

If you are a student with a disability and require assistance, please contact:

Student Support - Disability
MCG24 McMullin building
Phone 02 4921 5766
Fax 02 4921 7065

Alternatively, visit the Disability website for more information.