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Paraphrasing Appropriately  
Paraphrasing appropriately

Paraphrasing is the process of expressing the ideas contained in a source in your own words, whilst still preserving the essential ideas of the original source. Even when you paraphrase you must still give credit to the original author.

Being able to effectively paraphrase a portion of text is a valuable academic skill because:

  • When properly referenced, it is a legitimate way to use the ideas of others to support your arguments
  • It can be more effective in supporting your argument than simply quoting a source
  • The process of paraphrasing will help you more fully understand the issues and argument provided by the source.

If a paraphrased passage is needed to support your argument then make sure your version provides that support. Be aware that it is academically dishonest to manipulate the rewording by changing or inserting words to turn an unsuitable source into apparent evidence. Check the hints on paraphrasing for more details.

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