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Brainstorming is a technique you can use when planning your assignments. Brainstorming involves writing down everything you can think of about a topic without stopping to evaluate what you have written.

How do I brainstorm?

After reading an assignment question, spend about 5 minutes 'brainstorming'. Write down anything that comes into your head about your assignment topic, even if you think it might not be useful. Don't worry about writing neatly or correct spelling, just scribble everything you can think of onto paper.

Tips for brainstorming

You can be as creative as you like by using a different coloured pen or crayon. You might like to use a large sheet of paper or a whiteboard.

The most important part of brainstorming is freeing your mind to think about your topic. By allowing yourself to record anything that comes into your head, you may find the idea or key that will help define how you are going to write your assignment.

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