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An Evaluation of "Making Money Made Simple"
Timeliness – This edition was published in 1992. As the author himself states in the Forward “the laws relating to taxation, social security benefits, and the investment and handling of money, are constantly changing…”
Reliability – The Preface states that over half a million copies have been sold since publication of the first edition. Question: Do you think this indicates the publication is reliable?
Cover of Making Money Made SImple
Accuracy – Unknown - there is no bibliography or references included.
Authority – At the time of publication, the author was a director of Whittaker McNaught Pty Ltd. Credentials are listed as ASCPA, CIFA and AFAIM. The author has written several other books - “Getting it Together” , “More Money with Noel Whittaker”, “Living Well in Retirement”. Validity – It is difficult to assess the validity of this work as there is no bibliography at the end and no references are made throughout – these omissions are a concern given the legislation-dependent nature of the subject matter.
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