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An Evaluation of "Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management"
Validity – Statistics included have been sourced from appropriate sources. The opinions of other experts in the discipline are appropriately referenced within the text.
Reliability – Reference is made to Codes of Practice, and other measures in the field of investment and portfolio management.
COver of Investment ANalysis and Portfolio Management
Authority – 2 full pages listing both the authors credentials plus 4 pages of acknowledgements in the preface. Frank K. Reilly is the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Business Administration at the University of Notre Dame. Holds BBA, MBA and PHD. and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Keith C. Brown is the Allied Bankshares Centennial Fellow and Associate Professor of Finance at the Graduate School of Business , University of Texas. Holds BA (Economics) and MS and PHD in Financial Economics. Also research director for Research Foundation of the ICFA. Both authors have written many other books and journal articles in this subject area.
Accuracy – footnotes are included, and each chapter includes a list of references at the end. A “Name Index” is also included – referring readers to specific places in the text referenced by the author.
Timeliness – published in 1997, because of the rapidly changing nature of the subject content, some of the information, may now be regarded as background or historical information.
Evaluating Information  
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